Escorts in PCSIR Housing Scheme Lahore

Escorts in PCSIR Housing Scheme

The Escorts in PCSIR Housing Scheme in Lahore are a group of people who work to help the people from other parts of the city to enjoy a comfortable life. This is done through different projects that are undertaken by the scheme’s directors. The basic objective behind establishing this housing scheme was to provide better facilities to the residents of the district. These facilities include a healthy environment, good education, health care centers and recreation opportunities among others.

As far as the living standards of the people are concerned, the project has worked really well. There are some very good flats available at different rates, which are meant specifically for students like those coming from a middle class background. The apartments have been fully furnished and are of the best quality. Moreover, they also come with a security service provided by PCS IV.

The most appealing feature about the scheme is the presence of large balconies at all the intermediate floors. This allows residents of the building to enjoy a good view of the bustling bazaars in the nearby areas. To add to that, the residents of the flats are allowed to bring their dogs to relax on the balcony. This makes the scheme all the more enjoyable for students like those studying chemistry or physics. They can even take a break and have some fun as there are a number of restaurants located within the living area.

While living in an Escorts in PCSIR housing locality you will not face any problem like that of overcrowding. The accommodation is provided at regular intervals and on payment of rent. There are plenty of amenities like swimming pools, mini-puttes, gymnasium, libraries, library facilities and parking lots to use. The security staff on duty at all times monitors the activities going on inside and outside the premises. There is a separate elevator for students who wish to go up from ground level.

The PCSIR scheme provides excellent transport facility to its residents. Trams, buses and vans are available throughout the city to cater to the transportation needs of the residents. Buses and minibuses are available at the beginning and the end of the operating hours. Buses ply through both directions to the different destinations. Buses also run on daily basis to and from the airport as well as the hotel where the residents of the apartments are staying.

The PCSIR scheme has a separate housing department to look after the needs of the residents. It provides housekeeping services to its residents and this has made life easier for them. Escorts in PCsir apartments have a separate living area with a kitchenette and bathroom. High-Class Escorts in Lahore All the three living areas are equipped with crockery, cutlery, crockery boxes, kitchenware and other furniture items required for cooking.

In addition to the PCSIR scheme, the students of the same accommodation can opt for a hostel to stay in. This makes it easy for students to move around and hence they don’t need to worry about the movement of their residence. They are also provided with a personal computer to keep them posted on their various activities. A hostel costs only a few dollars per day and is very comfortable for the students. Escorts in PCsir apartments are present in the hostels to make sure that the needs of the residents are taken care of. The staff at the hostels are very friendly and provide all the assistance to the residents.

The scheme allows one and a half years of independent living. One has the option to move out if they find a better furnished apartment elsewhere. The only condition is that they should inform the officials at the PCSIR society about their wish to move out. The plan of the government is to allow one year’s stay in these hotels to enable students to assimilate into the society and improve themselves. The housing scheme offers a lot to its residents including medical facilities, security services, gymnasiums and an educational wing.

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