Escorts in Hotel Pak Heritage Lahore

Escorts in Hotel Pakistan Heritage Lahore – Balancing Hospitality With Quality Service

Escorts in Hotel Pak Heritage, located at International Airport Plaza, is a fine place to find love in a foreign land. It offers the kind of luxury and comfort one would expect in an expensive 5 star hotel. The services and the treats are top notch. If you have a special someone or want to surprise someone special on a special occasion this is the perfect place to get your party ready. You can even book an escort here for the next time you travel to Lahore.

We offer the best in luxury for those looking for a little treat from our limited budget. We offer an array of spa treatments and massages that can help rejuvenate you both mentally and physically. Our Massage therapists are experts in their field who are committed to making our customers feel relaxed, stress free and tension free. We offer the service of our expert Massage therapist in two different categories. They are as follows:

The Spa-Ionic is the most recent addition to the range of luxury here. The only four star facility in Pakistan we have here and it has all the modern luxuries and grandeur one would expect from the leading hotels in the country. This luxury is available in three different categories namely, Luxury Hotel, Premier Hotel Residences. The Spa-Ionic has twenty three luxury suites and includes three world class saunas, Vibrant massage therapy, body wraps, exfoliative and anti-cellulite creams and lotions.

One of our escorts here is Saira whose profession is to assist in detoxification of patients with special reference to helping individuals lose weight. Her profession involves working with people from different strata of society and she specializes in assisting overweight and obese patients to come out of binge eating disorders. With her expertise in assisting patients she has been able to establish a very successful consultancy business.

Another special feature of this clinic is the presence of a dedicated nutritionist. Usual consultation is done under the guidance of the nutritionist and the doctor takes over when the condition of the patient is considered to be dangerous. This ensures that the diet of the patient is carefully monitored and advised by the expert. The nutritionist ensures that the dietary requirements of the patient are properly met to avoid any kind of emergency situation.

Saira teaches the bridesmaids about proper body cleansing after the wedding and how to maintain personal hygiene. These seminars are conducted twice a week and the bride is also taught the proper ways to handle herself before and after the wedding. Bridesmaids who take part in these special workshops are made to undergo some medical tests to check for diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and even for pre-cancerous conditions. These are all carried out to keep a safe and healthy future for the bride. The Bridal consultant here is trained to guide the bride through the various workshops on a regular basis. Her role as an escort makes her very familiar with various problems and apprehensions of the bride.

Once the wedding ceremony is over, the escort makes sure that the newlywed is safely booked into a room at the Hotel Pakistan. The bride and groom are treated to special services like flower care and make up. They are also taken care of in case of any emergency. The bride is treated like a queen by the staff at this clinic and she is given proper pampering before she is escorted to her vehicle.

In case of any complaints or queries, they are immediately attended by the concerned personnel and the concerned parties are informed of the same. This clinic provides its clients with special packages and they can choose what suits them best. There are special facilities like swimming pools in which the newlyweds can relax and enjoy each other’s company. The bridal party can also visit these pool areas for some private moments.

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