Escorts in Heaven Hotel Lahore

Escorts in Heaven Hotel Lahore

Escorts in Heaven Hotel is a famous luxury hotel in the city. It was established in 1998 by Asha Sahoo. It is situated in Raffa Village, Lahore. It provides services for male and female clients who want their date or partners to be picked by them. The location is one of the most popular tourist places in Pakistan.

The club has seven floors that include clubs, bars, and lounge. There are also restaurants, movie theatres, and other facilities for business. There are also services for housekeeping, laundry, catering and Spa. The staff is also trained to cater to requests and take care of the girls.

There are many things that girls can do in the club aside from having an escort. They can dance, drink, have a manicure, and other salon treatments. There are also several girls who offer dancing lessons. So the customers can choose which girls they want to escort.

Girls working as escorts in Heaven will be able to provide several services for customers. They can accompany their customers around town. They can take them to various malls and other shopping destinations. They can even pick them up from the airport and take them to their hotel rooms. These girls are all highly trained to serve customers well.

There are also services for men who need to visit the spa. There are licensed masseurs available there. These professionals give men body and facial treatments to rejuvenate and relax. For that reason, there is no special price for this service. Anyone can avail it at any time during the day or night.

The restaurant offers a variety of food items to choose from. The prices are also affordable. The girls working here are trained to cook the food. They also have trained waiters to serve the customers with great care and great taste.

There are also several entertainment venues available at the Escorts in Heaven Hotel Lahore. Some of the most popular are discos and karaoke boxes. Most of the customers choose these entertainment venues to relax after a long day of work. The escorts here know how to dance and sing along with their guests. The men of their harem are also trained to perform dances so that the guests can have a good time.

The various activities available at the Escorts in Heaven Hotel Lahore also make them the best place to spend a honeymoon. The bride’s room is adorned with different precious gifts. There is a bar and a dance floor. There are also trained musicians who can provide the bride and her groom with great wedding entertainment.

Other than this, the hotel has a swimming pool which is available for all the rooms. The pool area is also decorated. Other services include an in-house restaurant with 24 hours catering. This restaurant is not only good for dinner but also serves breakfast and lunch.

There is also a spa at the Escorts in Heaven Hotel Lahore. The customers can relax in this spa and gain health and beauty benefits. There are different types of massages available for all the customers. These massages are usually available throughout the week and the customers can schedule their visits accordingly.

There are two beauty shops at the Escorts in Heaven Hotel Lahore. These shops are good for the bride to shop for the necessary dress for her wedding. There are flower girls also available at the shop. The bride can buy her wedding dress and other accessories from the shop. These shops are also open at night.

The other services at the Escorts in Heaven Hotel Lahore include a wedding planner. The planner can plan the wedding and make sure that the customer is happy with all the services. Other wedding planning services are also available. The bride and groom can choose the colors for the wedding and other decorations too.

The hotel staff is very friendly and helpful and they also make the bride feel very comfortable and welcome. There are separate areas for the men and women. The men can relax in the indoor pool which has lighted swimming pool and the women can sit in the lounges and enjoy conversation with other guests. The other services at the Escorts in Heaven Hotel Lahore include valet parking service and delivery of the bride’s wedding dress to the bride.

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