Escorts in Carlton Tower Hotel Lahore

Wedding Escorts in Carlton Tower Hotel

Wedding escorts in Carlton Tower Hotel in Lahore are a special service to expect from any tour operator in the city. It is not uncommon to find a bride’s entourage of three or more waiting at the entrance to the hotel as her wedding procession makes its way through the streets of Rawal Bay, to the reception hall. Her groom will be accompanied by his best man and the parents of the bride. They are all carrying gifts for the bride and other wedding guests.

It has been customary in this part of the world to present gifts to the groom and best man on the day of the wedding. This tradition dates back to the times when it was necessary to send a contingent of troops from the royal family to protect the bride and groom during the time of the war. Thus, gifts were presented to them to symbolize their bravery. Gifts also served as a means of thanking them for coming to protect the couple.

Today, the tradition continues but it is mostly utilized to show appreciation to the bride for accepting the invitation to marry the man of her dreams. Escorts in Carlton Tower Hotel in Lahore are professionals who have been invited to the wedding by the bride and groom. They are the ones who accompany the bride from the car to the reception hall and they are also the ones who hold the gifts presented by the family. The escorts carry the briefcases of the bride and groom, along with their wedding rings. Their job is to keep the bride and groom safe throughout the event.

Escorts are given commands by the bride’s relatives or the bride herself. The orders are then carried out by the driver who is also in charge of transporting the newlyweds to their destination. The role of the driver is important because he is responsible for guiding the guests to the right place. The wedding party has been told to be ready at any given point of time. In the case of a wedding, the bride and groom also have a number of cars waiting in the parking lot so that the escorts can get out without delay.

There is no need to hurry when meeting the bride and groom because they can go through the usual formalities together. Escorts from Carlton Tower Hotel also provide lip piercing during the ceremony. The entire wedding ceremony takes about an hour. The bride and groom walk down the aisle accompanied by their wedding escorts. After the couple is married, they take a picture with the wedding party and then exit the reception hall.

As soon as the bride and groom reach the reception hall, the bride is presented with a gift by her groom. The gifts range from jewelry to souvenirs. Once all the gifts have been presented, the bride and groom take a kiss before leaving the reception hall. This is followed by the traditional exchange of rings.

After exchanging rings, the couple and their wedding escorts leave the reception to go to their hotel rooms. A band will play music as they exit the hotel and then they will be driven back to the reception hall. The band will play the wedding songs again as they enter the room. The newly wed couple can have breakfast together as they talk about all the things that happened during the day. Before leaving the hotel, the bride and groom promise to spend a day enjoying the different spots in the city.

The wedding party and the wedding escorts then depart from the wedding venue at about five minutes. The bride’s car is then driven by her groom to the airport where the party will wait for her. The wedding party and escort escorts then meet the newly wed couple as they arrive at the airport. They are led to the newly decorated bridal party’s car by the escort. After the couple is introduced to the guests, the bride gives them a kiss and they bid them adieu.

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